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 PORT of CALL:  Nha Trang Port

Nha Trang Special Countryside Tour 

PRICE : $65 USD/person if you are in a group of 10 Pax.


This countryside tour offers you a fascinating insight into the “real lives” of everyday people who are the backbone of Vietnam . Just a few kilometers from Nha Trang ’s beach front is the picturesque countryside dotted with palm trees, fruit orchards and irrigated rice paddies. 

The first stop of the tour is an embroidery factory . Driving through miles of flat rice fields to a rural village, enjoy the opportunity to interact with the local people as they go about their daily lives, with farming and cottage industries as their primary source of income. The village path leads us to the home of one family who weave mats from rushes which grow abundantly in the surrounding area. Two people working together will weave just four mats in a day, which will be taken to the local market and traded for food and other essentials. 

Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage:  where it shelters and cares for over 160 abandoned, orphaned or street children. They range from several months to 9 years of age. The children of the orphanage are taken care of by a group of Buddhist nuns and volunteers. Their goal is to provide the children with a safe and caring environment which lessens their misfortune and gives their lives greater purpose and meaning. Being a private organization, the orphanage is trying to provide its children food, shelter, health and education. The nuns and volunteers at the orphanage have devoted their lives for the wonderful mission – helping the orphans. 

Tourists can take photos of Amitabha  Buddha Statue at a height of 68 meters.

Rice paper making:  One of the most typical food from rice steamed and processed into round piece dried in the sun on the bamboo brackets that are on sale in the inns or shops. 

Conical hat making: Manual skill work by women, it’s also your gift for your friends when toward home. 

Lunch with Vietnamese food at an authentic riverside restaurant .

Visit Dam Market  for shopping. 

Finish The Tour & We send you back to Your cruiseship on Time


INCLUDED:  Minivan, local guide, admission fees, Vietnamese lunch. 


EXCLUDED:  Port Fee, Drinks, personal expenses

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