DA NANG - HOI AN - HUE - BA NA HILL - DA NANG (5 Days 4 Nights )
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Duration :

-Go by Bus and come back by Bus : 4 Hours (  6USD/Pax)

-Go by Bus and Come back By Boat : 6 Hours ( 10USD/Pax)



  .  Visit the lost champa kingdom that comes from 2nd century to 15th century and learn about champa culture

 .   Enjoy the beauty of valley surrounding by jungle and mountains

.    Explore the temples that were built and rebuilt  from 4th century to 13rd century

.    Try to find down how did the cham people built the temple without using mortar

Description :

One of the most stunning sights to see near  Hoi An area is My Son, My son Holy land - a unique beautiful sanctuary world of the ancient Chăm religion, is day by day attracting thousands tourists of elsewhere!
a spiritual center of the ancient kingdom of Champa. Situated in the heart of a beautiful valley and surrounded by high mountains and jungle, My Son is about 45 kilometers away from Hoi An. Join a half-day trip to visit this special site. In 1999, My Son was recognizied as a World culture Heritage by UNESCO

Letters from the 4th century were found during excavations revealing that  My son temples  used to worship and made offerings to the Hindu gods.


In those days, Mỹ Sơn became a  spiritual and worshipping centre during the reign of the Chămpa Kingdom. Exemplifying the height of Chăm architectural achievement, The Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary is a large complex of religious monuments originally consisting of more than 70 Temples; About 50 temples were broken by bombing . Nowadays  20 temples remain . The builders of Mỹ Sơn were the nobility of the Chămpa Kingdom who derived their cultural and spiritual influences from India.

Original temple was built from wood in the 4th century. But It was completely destroyed by a big fire in the 6th century and then rebuilt from 7th century to 13th century by bricks and stones. About 70 big and small temples had been built, establishing My Son as a sanctuary of Hinduism in the Champa Kingdom.  

Chăm Pa culture had a big influence on Vietnam’ significance of cultural value. The once capital of Chăm Pa Kingdom from 4th to 15th century was “Thánh địa Mỹ Sơn”, called “Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary" or "Valley of Kings" by French scientists

Programme :

 Pick up At Hotel In Hoi An .We travel about 50km from Hoi An to My Son sanctuary. It comprises many Champa temples, in a valley roughly two kilometers wide, surrounded by two mountain ranges. It was the site of religious ceremony of kings of the Champa dynasty, and was also a burial place of Champa royals and national heroes. The My Son temple complex is one of the foremost temple complexes of Hinduism in South East Asia and is the foremost heritage site of this nature in Vietnam. Though the complex has been destroyed over time, we still see many majestic ancient ruins of temples in the area.

Arrive in My Son at 9:00am Or 9;30am. Walk around with your guide for 1hour30  to see the historic and cultural ruins from 4th to 13th century, you will be brought back to the glorious time of the Champa civilization. Then leave My Son to Cau Lau boat station. Take a motorized boat excursion to visit Kim Bong carpentry village, 3km west of Hoi An.  Have a soft lunch and drink on boat. Tour finishes at Hoi An dock at 2:30 PM. You should come back hotel by your own. If You come back by Bus . you Stay on the Bus And driver Take you back to Hoi an and No Lunch


Included : Bus, English speaking guide, boat, light lunch. ( By Bus : No lunch )

Excluded : Entrance fees, drinks...